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How does this work?

We build Social Experiences that focus on gather people and get them to talking in a safe, non-judgmental forum. When we learn to communicate effectively, our walls begin to break down and true connections develop. But where do all of our ideas come from? That's why we need your help. We are a community-driven platform and we're always reaching out for inspiration. If you have an awesome new idea or concept for our many initiatives, we want to hear from you!

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Tell us what’s on your mind! Share your concerns and suggestions on how to tackle this complex issue. We will evaluate and select the most innovative ideas.


Our approach is community-driven. If your idea is selected, we will reach out and collaborate with you. Brainstorm with us and watch your great idea grow into a plan of action!

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Once your idea is fully developed, you’ll help us bring it to life and make an impact in your community!


We take pride in working closely with our community.

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