Discover not just your true self, but how to unleash it!

The Synopsis

The Mindless Behaviors book brings to life thought-provoking viewpoints that are different takes on our usual way of living and approaching problems. It will help you unblock areas of your life that feel cluttered and enhance your ability to awaken the God within you. This book sheds light on the negative cycles that impact the human condition and the importance of effective communication in breaking them. Through seven different stories that examine life through the lens of Mindless Behaviors, you’ll learn that if you change the way you perceive your circumstances and actions, you have the power to change your life forever.

About the Author

Beatrice Adenodi

After facing my struggles and coming through the other side, I’m now a full-time consultant with small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs, helping them realize their expert status and shift their narrative about how things work in their industries.

This allows them to reframe their problems and break through them soon after. Aside from entrepreneurial pursuits, my passion is being a part of social impact initiatives nationwide.

I hope you will join the others who have re-discovered themselves through this journey and seize the opportunities you need!