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Yes, together WE can! With Beatrice Adenodi

Written By
Lucia Matuonto
June 9, 2022

Welcome back to the Relatable Voice! On today’s roadtrip, the RV is picking up Beatrice Adenodi in Minnesota. Beatrice is a writer, storyteller, speaker, artist and the author of the book Mindless Behaviors

IWD 2021 - Unveiled Beauty: Women, Stories & Bravery

Written By
March 8, 2021

Listen to Unveiled Beauty storytellers share their stories ranging from personal challenges, mental health, addiction, and/or sexual abuse with a focus on lessons learned and their healing journey. KFAI listeners will be reminded that despite the messages of division, we are all on this journey together. In our darkest moments, there is always light.

International Women's Day

Be Our Geek

Written By
Jatin Setia and Miss Shannan
November 19, 2020

Miss Shannan and Jatin discuss the breadth work of the amazing and sorely missed Chadwick Bozeman. Plus, they get the details on Beatrice Adenodi's recently published book "Mindless Behaviors: Break Through Unseen Barriers. And, maybe drop some hints on turning it into an audiobook. Join in on the conversation and call in to Be Our Geek at 612-276-2774 and please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE wherever you find Be Our Geek. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

AGC Talks-Mind Mastery

Written By
Travis Sims
November 3, 2020

Our world is in chaos! In this overly stimulating environment, we are overwhelmed by so many situations coming at us from different angles. We've trained ourselves to react to these situations without thinking, and as a result, we tend to fall back on harmful patterns of behavior that keep us stuck. How do we navigate our minds through these uncertain times? In this talk, awareness advocate Beatrice Adenodi provides tips on how to move from reactive to reflective in your decision-making.

Sparkly energy coming your way

Written By
Julie Burn
September 23, 2020

Have you ever met someone who is just sparkly when they talk? I hope so. If not, then you're in luck this week! Beatrice Adenodi is a shiny bowl of energy and has a unique perspective on business and integrating mindless behaviors into our everyday lives. On this week's podcast, we talk about reflecting on our own behaviors, questioning our biases, and how awareness is just the beginning. Trying to find where you fit in is difficult at any age, but when you can create your own schedule, have flexibility, and as a result have more choices, fitting in becomes something we can all attain more easily. Listen in and you'll see what I mean…

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Cleaning Our Unconscious Mirrors

Written By
Nick Theisen
August 11, 2020

Beatrice Adenodi is an Awareness Advocate, an original thinker, the creator and founder of innovative initiatives, and with the release of her upcoming book, now an author. Her business, Mirror Ink, works with individuals and businesses to holistically integrate work and life. Her other initiative, Mindless Behaviors, is a social-experiential initiative that seeks to build awareness and personal development by offering effective communication tools in order to provide people with different perspectives of thinking.

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Breaking the mold

Written By
Jennifer Linden
November 21, 2019


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Creative Marketing Entrepreneur

Written By
David Wagstaff
March 2, 2019

This interview with Beatrice is part of a series of articles from entrepreneurs, compiled with the goal of providing other business owners and soon-to-be business owners with a realistic view of what it takes to run a business and some of the challenges commonly faced.

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Episode 29: Unveiled Beauty

Written By
Your Eulogy
February 8, 2019

Beatrice Adenodi tells me about how drama keeps knocking at her door but now ... SHE'S READY! What are you doing when you're doing something you don't even know that you're doing? Habits and s**t, that's what we're talking about today. It's great. Have a listen.

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