Social Experiences

Bringing people together
Social Experiences

Most people develop barriers as they move through life, raising them high and keeping others at arm’s length. While this may help you feel safe, it can also be a significant barrier to building fulfilling connections with other people.

Our Social Experiences are designed to gather people to engage in thought-provoking converstion in a safe, non-judgmental forum. When we learn to communicate effectively, our walls begin to break down and true connections develop.

Our Intentions
  • Engage you in thought-provoking conversation

  • Help you lower your walls and allow connections to grow

  • Exploring your inner kingdom

Event Series

Our event series reinforces the importance of intention and how unconscious behaviors can affect our social interactions.

The Experience

Our workshops, retreats, and one-on-one sessions will teach you powerful communication tools to navigate difficult situations in an objective and constructive manner.

The Book

Through a journey of storytelling and poetry, you will discover specific behaviors that keep you stuck in your life and discover useful tools to overcome them.

Social Contributions

We pride ourselves in bringing communities together through our many initiatives to ensure every voice is heard. Share your time, talents, and ideas and help us elevate reflective thinking in your community.

Join us on our Journey

Our initiatives are community-based. Work with us and bring meaningful change to your community.
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