Jaded Perceptions: The Mindless Behaviors Book Launch Party
Oct 24, 2021 4:00 PM
Tickets $10 | Tickets + Book $25

You are invited to the experiential launch of Mindless Behaviors by Beatrice Adenodi of Minneapolis. When you arrive at The Union Depot in St. Paul, you won’t be boarding a train for your adventure, but beginning a different kind of journey. 

You’ll travel through an interactive presentation of the book, designed to help unravel the Jaded Perceptions that have been keeping you stuck. The trip will help you understand your shortcomings and the barriers you may need to overcome to attain a reflective and intentional mindset. More information about how to overcome each barrier can be found in the Mindless Behaviors book. 

After your journey, stay for a book reading and signing. Food and refreshments will be served.

What to expect?

  • Food and Drink 
  • Interactive Experience 
  • Book Reading by Author Beatrice 
  • Meet and  Greet with Author 

Tickets are $10 just for the event, or $25 to both attend the event and get a signed copy of Mindless Behaviors. 

About The Author

Beatrice Adenodi is a marketing guru, awareness advocate, and founder/CEO of Mindless Behaviors . As a first-generation Nigerian-American immigrant, Beatrice had to figure everything out on her own. Over the years she built her own set of tools to overcome the challenges of life. Through her unique perspective, she has been able to help many people get out of unfortunate situations by guiding them from being reactive to reflective in their setting. She was driven to create her social experiential platform Mindless Behaviors in 2014 after a tough transitional phase led her to reflect on her relationships, faith, and career. Feeling powerless and invisible, she discovered she had been ignoring her own voice and reacting without thinking in difficult situations. She recognized the impact her newly reflective mindset could make on society, and developed an innovative new approach to guide others to find their own voices.

About The EMCEE

Lisa Harris is an author, storyteller, narrative coach and CEO/Founder of Lisa Harris & Company. Lisa’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2016 after publishing her book, Unveiled Beauty: Handwritten Stories From a Poetic Heart. Prior to, she spent +18 years in leadership roles working for many Fortune 500 companies and nationally recognized brands. Today, she connects, guides and transforms women’s lives through the power of storytelling. As a narrative coach, Lisa uses storytelling elements and narrative therapy principles to help women unveil their stories and reclaim their power through the lens of their own life stories. www.lisaharrisandco.com

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